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Why We Are

In March of 2004, we were traveling back from San Antonio, Texas when a news blip came on about Bush's proposed Marriage Ammendment to "sanctify marriage as a union between a man and a woman". This codification of marriage with its goal being the exclusion of the gay and lesbian population stung. So, we decided to do what we could for our GLBT community--a group of individuals who can love with equal intensity, live with equal zest, and feel as comfortable in their skin as heterosexual people.

So, here is our web site dedicated to all gay and lesbian owners of businesses and those that welcome the community.

Would You Like a Link?

We are always updating and adding more information to the site, so if you feel that your business, restaurant, charity, night club should be listed as either a gay or a gay-friendly establishment, please contact us for a listing. Be sure to include your business name, phone, address and any contact information you wish to display. If you have a website you would like listed, please be sure to include the URL of your site.

Let's Get Going!

Corpus Christi, located on the Gulf Coast of Texas, is a beautiful city that has much to offer to the gay & lesbian community. Arts, history, water and sun along with new gay bars and night clubs that have recently opened, like "Get Happy", is just one of the scenes to choose from when planning an evening out in Corpus Christi.

When doing a search over the web for gay establishments, bars, night clubs, etc., we were shocked to find not one single web site in Corpus Christi geared to the gay and lesbian community. We have taken it upon ourselves to bring more to Corpus Christi and to keep the community informed of upcoming events, gay and gay-friendly locations, and the inclusion of an editorial column.

''As I See It'', by a talented local lesbian columnist, will center around gay news, opinion, style and various topics that effect our gay/straight community. The column can be dramatic, funny, serious, ironic, and more, so feel free to check the web site frequently to find out what our columnist has decided to indulge in for this month.

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